Don’t Make A Pillow With the Qur’an

The eminent scholar Abdurrazaaq bn AbdilMuhsin Albadr says:

One aged man came to me after one of our classes and asked:

I didn’t memorize ( Chapters of the Quraan) other than Suuratul Faatiha and Qul Uwa Allaahu Ahad and I stand up to pray for two hours in the mid-night….

Then he started crying and said : I didn’t memorize other than these two, Oh Shaykh, would it be right for me to keep repeating these verses ( for the 2 hours)

The Shaykh made the following comment on this occurrence:

Compare this man’s level of knowledge with his worship in contrast to someone who has memorized the entire Quraan and yet skips Solaatul Fajr.

When I came upon this, I remembered this report from Al-Imaam ibnu Jareer:
Al-Imaam Al-Hasan was asked by Abuu Rajaa Muhammad saying:
Oh Abuu Saeed, what is your opinion concerning the person who can reel off the entire Quraan from his mind but doesn’t not stand up in prayer ( vigil) with it except the        .
He responded saying:

Such a person is making a pillow with the Quraan ( in his head). May Allaah’s wrath be on such a person…

The prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم was asked about the person who sleeps till dawn break and he said: That is none but he who Shaytaan peed in his ears.

May Allaah make this act of worship easy for all of us.

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