Don’t judge me please


An accident happened, a woman in her Hijab was seen helping the victims but suddenly a nurse came and said… “Miss, excuse me! I am a nurse and i can do it better. Step back.. I’ve had a course in first aid and I’m trained in giving first aid and CPR”.

The woman in the Hijab didn’t argue with her but simply stepped aside and watched the procedure and the humble Hijabi said, “If you need a doctor, I’m just behind you.”

The nurse turned and looked at the woman in the Hijab in dismay. Humility counts!

Don’t judge my atire or dress code, my clothes is not my intelligence.
#Hijabis are not dumbs
#Hijab is my pride.
#I’m an intelligent woman with the Hijab.

Stay humble, you need to drop your pride and treat people right. Pride only drives people away because it stinks. BE WISE

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