Rekindle the Spark in Your Marriage

Rekindle the Spark in Your Marriage

It takes more than just the passing of time to know and love someone the right way.

Marriage Conference, ICC Abuja, Nigeria

It takes commitment, it requires perseverance, it needs you to have an open mind but most importantly, guidance from Allah SWT is what will elevate your relationship.

Marrige is like a bicycle, this is WHY

With a carefully selected group of Muslim relationship experts taking part in the Marriage Conference, you can begin a journey of learning how to attain that mindset that will yield great results In Shaa Allah.

Attend the Marriage Conference

6th April 2019 at ICC.

Purchase tickets at:
– The ICICE-CARE Caravan, An-Nuur Masjid, Wuse 2
– Qalam Tours: Suite FF13, Olive Plaza, Wuse 2

Or Online:
1Ummah Islamic Organisation, Abuja, Nigeria

Or Contact: 0806 317 0227

Don’t miss it!

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